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Did you sustain minor injuries in a household accident? Battling a stubborn cold that’s suddenly gotten worse? Need a physical exam before you can start your new job? For all your healthcare needs, turn to the talented staff at Fair Lakes Urgent Care Center. We’ve been healing injuries and performing exams on residents of Fairfax, VA and the surrounding areas since 1995, when our urgent care center was founded by Dr. Charles Okorie. If you’re in need of routine or urgent medical care, walk-in or make an appointment at our urgent care clinic today.

Fast and convenient service for appointments and walk-ins

If you need to schedule routine tests, follow-up x-rays, physical examinations, primary care, immediate care or needcome in for drug testing, the dedicated and experienced medical staff members at Fair Lakes Urgent Care Center are always ready to help. Walk-ins are welcome, though we request that you attempt to make an appointment if possible. Call now to speak with a staff member.

A Range of Comprehensive Services

The service list at Fair Lakes Urgent Care Center in Fairfax, VA is extensive. Our staff members are extremely knowledgeable and have access to equipment that allows us to meet a variety of your healthcare needs. A handful of the services we provide include:

• Urgent care
• Pre-employment physical exams
• On-site x-rays
• Physicals
• Aviation
• Immigration
•Drug screening & testing

If you have any questions about our medical services or you know you need to get a physical exam or x-ray, call the Fair Lakes Urgent Care Center in Fairfax, VA today and discuss your needs with an experienced team member. Walk-ins are welcome, though making an appointment guarantees we’ll see you quickly. We look forward to serving you!

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