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Fair Lakes Urgent Care Center has been committed to providing exceptional urgent care and medical services to the communities in Fairfax, VA and the surrounding areas since 1995. Our goal is to provide quality, convenient medical care through our highly motivated and qualified staff members. We are dedicated to ensuring our patients are treated with dignity and kindness, whether you’re a walk-in or have a scheduled appointment.

Our urgent care clinic is involved in a number of community outreach programs designed to bring healthcare resources to those who may not seek out medical care otherwise. We firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We routinely provide physical exams and can take x-rays on site if you’re injured. We will also perform drug screening or testing if required. To learn more about our urgent care clinic and the range of services we provide, call or visit our office in Fairfax, VA today. We look forward to serving you!

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Practitioner Profiles

Charles Okorie, MD

Dr. Okorie is a board-certified physician in internal medicine with more than two decades of experience. He received his MD from the College of Medicine in Enugu, Nigeria and compelled his residency at Howard University in Washington, DC. He did one year of fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center before deciding to shift his focus to urgent care medicine and primary care.

He is also a licensed Aviation Medical Examiner by the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and a designated Civil Surgeon under the U.S. Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS).

Dr. Okorie prides himself on treating all patients with the utmost compassion and care. He enjoys mentoring staff and colleagues, as he believes that the primary job of a good leader is to be a good teacher.


Doctor of Medicine, Howard University in Washington, DC

24 years of Experience in Medicine

Chronic disease management, aviation physicals and immigration physicals

Henry Ziegler, MD

Board certified in internal medicine, Dr. Ziegler received his MD, CM from McGill University Faculty of Medicine and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Hygiene. With over four decades of experience, Dr. Ziegler has been known for his holistic approach as well as his international work in public health and medicine, particularly in Tanzania.

Dr. Ziegler believes that the patient will feel better and live longer when they maintain a balanced physical and mental state. 'I provide encouragement, support and science-based ideas, direction and treatment,' says Dr. Ziegler. He believes that the discussion of diagnosis stems from the patient's strengths, thus improving and maintaining the patient's health.


Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Hygiene

41 years of Experience in Medicine

Behavioral health and international public health