Thyroid Disorder

The American College of Physicians and the American Society of Internal Medicine have recently recommended that every woman older than 50 years of age should be offered a blood test to check for the activity of her thyroid gland (the thyroid gland is located on the base of the neck and it produces a hormone, thyroxin that is primarily responsible in regulating the various metabolic reactions in our body). This recommendation stresses making this test available even when the patient has no symptoms of thyroid disorder.

The reason behind this approach is the high prevalence of asymptomatic thyroid disorders particularly in women after age 50. Both underactive and overactive thyroid pose significant threat to morbidity and mortality. They are implicated in such illnesses as depression and abnormal heart rhythms, and yet very treatable. How often the testing should be repeated is unclear at the moment, but following the recommended baseline testing, further measures should be discussed with your doctor.

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